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New Zealands first Gluten free chestnut beer was brought about by a late night brewing session in the shed and whilst doing some research on a totally unrelated matter I stumbled upon a top chap overseas called Lee who was championing the use of Chestnuts in beer, well a quick email and a few hours later the ball started rolling, and as luck would have it he put me in touch with the New Zealand Chestnut Council and with their foresight, help and knowledge the story began.

After learning the hard lesson of hand peeling chestnuts to brew some test batches (trust me bruised thumb nails arent fun) the offer was made to help try and brew a successful beer out of chestnuts, making use of the NZ Chestnut Councils new NZ-developed and patented shelling, crumbing and drying technology, some specialised beer-grade chestnut ingredients and by products that no-one had ever tried before, and some unique chestnut cultivars found nowhere else in the world.

This chestnut beerverage was actually created for family and friends for a laugh being it didnt appear anyone had taken the idea of gluten free chestnut beer too far in New Zealand, the first aim was to make a beer that they could enjoy and also being Gluten Free the range was quite small in comparison to the myriad of craft beers that were making it to the market, the challenge was on.

So it started a couple of blind test batches and some test ferments and it quickly became a reality that Chestnuts were viable to brew beer with, quite a few hop and ingredient combinations were used after the first few batches as we began to hone in on flavours that worked with more and more positive comments the crazy idea of unleashing it on the public was constantly mentioned, so after many test batches and many tasting sessions we give you part one and hopefully it is followed by a least a few sequels.

More importantly we hope you enjoy our take on what we think are darn good beerverages the closest drink to beer without actually being a traditional beer but crafted to taste, look and smell like beer.

Now all we need to do is do it all over again for the next style release, which wont be far away.