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The Nuts Brewing Co
Chester's Golden Lager
~ Golden Lager

While waiting to hone the process of the Gluten Free beers, to be totally honest the head brewer got bored and needed to make beer as thats what brewers do, he thought why not bang some chestnuts in a batch of beer and see what it tasted like, well long story short it tastes pretty damn good, crisp clean and a real session-able beer.
Cheslic Gluten Free Lager
~ Gluten Free Lager

The first out of the stable our Gluten Free Chestnut Lager beer perfect for those summer days on the deck or around the BBQ and at 4.1% theres no risk to your jandles, this beerverage is carefully hand crafted from New Zealand grown Chestnuts a naturally Gluten Free ingredient and with the correct care are turned into what we believe is the finest Gluten Free Chestnut Beer around, its subtle hop combination make for an easy drinking beer.